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Why Prayer?

We know the Lord has amazing things in store in our upcoming ministry season! However, we also know we are facing new and growing challenges both culturally and spiritually. The leadership team at HWC is requesting for you to join us in 21 days of fasting and prayer. This season will take place from July 31 -August 21. What this season looks like for each family and individual is up to you, but we ask for all congregants to intentionally seek God on behalf of these needs. Ideas for this season include praying for a designated amount of time each day, fasting one meal per day, doing a Daniel’s Fast, fasting a few meals a week, etc. The goal is to engage in intentional, consistent prayer regarding the needs of the church and the heartland.

Learn More About the Daniel Fast

Prayer Points

· Pray for God’s direction as we plan and prepare ministry for the fall.

· Pray for God’s provision of volunteers and helpers for each ministry.

· Pray for God’s empowerment of His people through the outpouring of His Spirt.

· Pray for spiritual breakthrough in the heartland and in your community.

· Pray for God to flood your household with His love, presence, and truth.