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Need Hope?

Are you searching for hope? It may seem hard to find. The world is full of uncertainty, doubt, pain and sorrow. This is how life gets us down.

But the Bible promises there’s much more to life than what we see on this earth. There’s a lasting hope and you can find it.

There is good news for you!

We have good news for you today. Regardless what you have done, Jesus came to save you. John 3:17 tells us that Jesus came to save this world, not to condemn it. Every person can accept the gift of salvation no matter their past.

Do you have questions or want to talk to someone about how you can experience hope with Jesus? Click here to get connected: http://bit.ly/2wvdCdk

Some Resources to Help You

We've put together some resource to help you as you begin your relationship with Jesus.

A free Bible on your phone, tablet, and computer.  YouVersion is a simple, ad-free Bible that brings God's Word into your daily life.
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This 21 day devotional is a great place to start in your new relationship with Jesus. In this devotional you'll discover who Jesus is in a fresh and encouraging way.
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Check out our free resource called Right Now Media. It has over 20,000 discipleship videos for kids, youths and adults. Click the link below to start your free account today.
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